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How to Make Money From Your Website

make money online
Written by Muhammad Alauddin

When you’ve got your site in order and visitors are… well… visiting, your site can be a great source of income. People make money online all the time and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be one of them. It’s very easy to make online money, especially with these tips:

Tip 1. PPC Advertising

google adsense

With Pay Per Click advertising you get paid a small amount of money whenever somebody clicks on an ad on your site. You’ll probably know this from Google Adsense, but Yahoo! also has a great PPC program or you can use Text Link Ads or… The possibilities are endless and they are all really easy to set up. You can also use ads in your RSS feeds.

Tip 2. Banner Ads

Display one ore more banners on your website. There are companies that pay you for displaying their banners and your visitors don’t even have to click on them for you to make money. Usually you’ll get a fixed amount each month. But please, don’t use full page flash ads. Those are the ones that slide over your site when people visit it. They have a high click on rate, but they are also the most annoying ads that exist.

Tip 3. Email Ads

If you have a mailing list, you can put ads in the mails you send out. Don’t mail just ads though, most people will unsubscribe immediately or hit the spam button on their e-mail clients.

Tip 4. Affiliate Programs

There are many affiliate programs. An example you see often is Amazon’s program. You join Amazon’s affiliate program and show some ads of one or a few relevant books on your site. When people click on the ads and buy a book, you’ll get a small percentage.

Tip 5. A Shop

If you have products to sell, start a webshop on your site. If you own a real life shop, you might not even need that anymore after a while. You don’t have to pay expensive rent anymore, you can sell everything from home and you don’t even have to go to your shop in order to sell anything. You can lower your price since your costs are lower. That’s why people love buying things online.

Starting an online shop may seem like a daunting task, where you have to do a lot of programming, security and worry about how people will pay. Don’t worry at all: a lot of free shopping cart software exists that are compatible with organisations such as PayPal. PayPal is just about the most famous and secure way of paying money online.

make money online

Tip 6. Sell Merchandise

If you have a unique site with original content, selling merchandise can be a great source of income. Many sites seem to be selling unique t-shirts, coffee mugs, pens, hats, etc. I imagine a site like cute overload sells dozens of t-shirts a day.

Tip 7. Sell Your Website

If you get the hang of creating websites and getting a fair amount of traffic, you might want to start selling websites. People pay big bucks for popular websites. This can be anything from dozens of dollars to millions and millions for very big sites. If you can make a website with a steady stream of visitors and make about $5 a day from, say, Google Adsense, you can easily sell that site for a few hundred dollars.

Tip 8. Sell Your Digital Products

Create more advance versions of the products you’ve made (lesson 3, tip 4) and sell them on your site. Again, you can create a variety of things: website templates, eBooks, tutorials, music, art, photos, software. If they have any value you can easily sell them. Still, think of what’s worth more to you: the traffic the free version brings or the money they can make you.

Tip 9. Sell Services

You can charge people in return for services you perform. This can be as easy as designing websites, answering questions in your area of expertise (private consulting), using an online application you’ve created and subscriptions to your eZine. Another form of selling your services is signing up for, where you can review websites upon request. The nice thing is that you’ll make more money per review if your site is more popular. Take a moment to think about what value you can provide to other people and if you can request money in return.

Tip 10. Membership

Create a part of your site filled with premium content which is only allowed to people who join as a paid member of your site. The free part of your site is used to show your knowledge about the subject and to attract visitors. The members benefit from all the unique things you have to offer, which can include the electronic products you’ve created in tip 7.

Last but not least: online marketing is a great way of making a lot of money. This may seem like a difficult thing, but people doing this once started without knowing how to do it, just like you. If you want to pursue a free form of living, working where you want, in a bar, in the train, in a park, you name it. It’s really possible. It’s not a dream. It’s also way beyond the scope of this free eCourse, but it is something real and achieveable. It might be smart to read up on how other people reached this goal and gain some confidence on that it can be done.

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