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Importance and Benefits of Blogging

Importance and benefits of blogging
Written by Muhammad Alauddin

In today’s noisy and complex marketing landscape, blogging helps you amplify your business’s message and voice. Your buyers are living in a multi-channel and multi-device world. Not only are your customers doing their own research online, but they also expect their content to be personalized, educational, and conversational. Blogging is a great way to develop those relationships, give your brand visibility, all while creating an approachable and humanistic brand persona.

Importance of Blogging

There is a lot of buzz right now about blogging for your business. But first, it’s important to understand the definition of blogging. It’s noisy out there online. There’s a ton of different types of content coming to your buyers from all sides. And your consumers are doing their own research, educating themselves through the buying process. And you want people to find you. It’s very difficult to be found in today’s crazy, noisy landscape. There’s so much content out there, so much online, that as your buyers are searching for different key terms, how are you making sure that you are the one being found?

  • Business blogging Business blogging is the strategy of creating short-form content, i.e. blogs, to exist on one area of your website, such as your blog, in order to drive traffic to your website and create brand awareness for your company.


Benefits of Blogging

Now that we have the definition for what Business Blogging is, we also wanna understand what the benefits are. So, first let’s take a look at some great stats on blogging.

  • B2B marketers who blog receive 67% more leads than those who do not.
  • Companies with a blog receive 97% more links to their website.
  • 81% of US online consumers trust information and advice from blogs. Those are some really compelling stats.

Blogging helps you attract new buyers at the top of your sales funnel. So, on the left here we have an example of a sales funnel, and blogging really sits right at the top before a person becomes known within your system. So, blogging helps attract the different buyers and customers to your company before they even know who you are. It helps you to establish educational authority in your space, which is extremely important in today’s noisy world. You wanna put yourself out there as a thought leader and as an educator, so that your customers will learn to trust you, and a blog is a great way to get you there.

And blogging helps you drive awareness with your audience. Your audience will most likely have never heard of you, and blogging is a great way to get somebody through the door. Blogs are short, they’re often funny, they have a humanistic quality to them. They’re a great introductor to your company. Business Blogging helps your company be found. It helps create a voice for your company. Within your blogs you can show some of your personality, you can show the personality of your employees. It helps to generate leads.

Blogging is actually a lead-generating activity, since people are subscribing to your blog. Blogging also helps generate inbound links. The more you blog, the more interesting your blogs are, the more people will link back to your site in their own blogs. It also helps you amplify your social campaigns. Since blogging is an activity that’s often shared on social media, you can help gain followers and get some more engagement for your social profiles. So, now that you understand why Business Blogging is so important for your company’s thought leadership, start thinking about all of the ways that you can incorporate blogs into your current marketing program mix.

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