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Ecommerce Conversions: The Importance of Engaging Product Descriptions in 2019

Importance of Product Description
Written by Muhammad Alauddin

You’re searching for an item online — say a piece of furniture. You find three items you like the look of, all with similar prices. One has no description; one only has technical specifications and a basic description; and one has a description that makes you think about how that furniture will feel in your home and bring your decor together.

Which do you buy?

Chances are you go for the third one.

Something like this has probably happened to you before. A detailed or evocative description has persuaded you to buy one item over another. Maybe it was a well-written blurb on a book or movie. Maybe it was a new tech gadget. Whatever it was, simply reading the description was enough to get you over the line.

That’s the power of product descriptions.

The stats back it up:

  • Millenial buyers are 40% more likely to buy something with an impressive product description.
  • The top three most sought-after types of information buyers look for when considering a purchase are product descriptions, reviews, and images — in that order.
  • 50% of buyers have said they’ve returned items for not matching the description.

So, product descriptions are influential — but that’s not all. They’re also surprisingly powerful tools e-Commerce businesses can use to establish and grow their brands online.

Product descriptions can convert on-the-fence buyers

There are many types of potential lead, from those who are ready to buy now to those who might want to buy in the future.

While attractive images will definitely grab the eye of people casually browsing shops online, product descriptions can really influence buying behaviors.

A well-written description is the ultimate piece of sales copy. It can turn someone from a casual browser to a paying customer in seconds.

They’re already on your shop looking, they’re already receptive to sales; now all you need to do is write a description that makes them realise they don’t want to wait any longer before making a purchase.

Unique descriptions help grow your business online

The most obvious solution to putting product descriptions on your items would be to slap on whatever the supplier has written.

Don’t do this.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is so important to online businesses. And if there’s one thing search engines hate, it’s duplicate content. Any business owner who has an online presence should know at a minimum that SEO requires original content — or at least, no exact copies.

Using generic descriptions straight from the supplier means your eCommerce site has exactly the same content as another seller with the same product. This will penalize you in the search results, hurting how well you can be found by search engines.

Writing unique descriptions also gives you the opportunity to work in valuable keywords. This is an easy way for young businesses to get high-value keywords onto their site before they have a lot of content. Each product becomes an opportunity to establish your online presence and grow your SEO strategy.

Don’t waste it.

Take the time to write unique, creative product descriptions. Not only will it help influence buyers, it will also work towards growing your online presence and, by extension, your business.

Use your descriptions to establish your brand

Product descriptions don’t just tell the potential buyer about the product.

They tell them about you.

How you choose to write your product descriptions — or not, if you use the generic ones — can tell the audience a lot about your brand. Is it laid back and casual? Business-like and formal? Is it written for the everyday person, or for elite clientele?

Using generic descriptions, or no descriptions, is the equivalent of walking into a big chain store like Wal-Mart, where everything is out on display on large racks with very little care or focus on presentation.

“Men’s polo shirt, size large. Cotton. $7.47 – $7.97”

product with short description

Product with short description

It’s like you don’t care about what you’re selling, just that you are selling.

“Mix style and comfort with this men’s polo shirt. Made of 100% cotton to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, making it a perfect year-round addition to your wardrobe. Just $7.47 – $7.97”

Product with unique description

Product with creative description

Same shirt, but which would you rather buy? Or more to the point, who would you rather buy from? If I have a problem with the shirt, the first description tells me I’m probably going to have an adventure getting it fixed. The second description tells me the seller understands the value of the customer experience.

In conclusion

Between no product description and a generic product description, the latter is obviously going to be more useful. But between a generic description and a creative, persuasive engaging product description, well, there’s really no contest.

In eCommerce, every piece of content on your website should be seen as an opportunity to capture and convert buyers while growing your online presence. Product descriptions, though small and easily neglected, are certainly no exceptions.

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